An ant and a caterpillar become actors in an animated movie as they struggle to escape a rain of pesticides; elsewhere the grand old Yamuna river gasps for breath suffocated by innumerable Durga Puja idols while a small farming community in South India plants the seeds of a silent revolution…. These are descriptions of some of the films to be shown at ‘Quotes From The Earth’, an environmental film festival being organised by the NGO Toxics Link in the Capital on December 6 and 7.

Each of the 25 films to be screened depicts environmental challenges and ecological conflicts. The festival will focus on four categories -- wildlife, water, sustainability and earth. The films include animations and documentaries ranging in length from a couple of minutes to 75 minutes. They deal with contemporary issues such as man-animal conflicts, threats to lakes in Kashmir and Manipur, and nuclear safety.

Also part of the festival are films such as Ant Wars by Stefan Geier and E-Waste Land by David Fedele being shown in India for the first time. Also on view will be internationally acclaimed films such asTiger Dynasty by S. Nallamuthu, Half a View by Ankit Pogula and Cotton for My Shroud . “This is the fifth edition of the festival and its prominence has grown each year. From 18 films in 2004, we now have 25 in 2012,” says Ravi Agarwal, Director of Toxics Link and curator of the festival. “All the films have been made in the last two years and hence focus on the most pressing environmental issues,” he adds.

Apart from the films, the festival will have panel discussions with eminent academicians, activists, media persons and film-makers.

The venue of the festival (held every alternate year since 2004) will be India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg -- on December 6-7 from 9.30 a.m. onward.

Entry is free.